5 STAR beagles

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                            PLACEMENT OF DEPOSIT 



     Placement of your deposit is always on a first place basis. This determines your pick of the litter. The first one who places their deposit first, will receive pick of the litter. Then the next will be second in line. This continues following this way until all puppies have been selected. Sometimes we may have more than one litter born around the same time. If that happens, then we will let you know that if you do not find what you want in the first litter, then you can select from the next litter as long as there is availability there to do so. 

                        FULL REGISTRATION OF EACH PUPPY 

All of our puppies come with complete registration forms for you to register your puppy. All puppies are fully purebred registered and each puppy comes with their own registration form. You also receive documentation on both of the parents of your puppy. This will show you there's NO inbreeding whatsoever.