5 STAR beagles

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                            PLACEMENT OF DEPOSIT 



     Placement of your deposit is always on a first place basis. This determines your pick of the litter. Our prices have always been competitive and reasonable. This past year we've been forced to raise our pricing due to the higher costs involved with the whelping and raising of these beautiful Purebred Beagle Puppies. The costs for everything from the food, vaccines, veterinary care, microchipping, utilities, and continued care of our purebred dogs is what has caused us to raise our price. We want to make sure you are receiving the best quality and care for your puppy, therefore we've had to raise our prices. Included also are the unexpected medical costs incurred when medical care which is for these wonderful moms carrying these precious little puppies comes up when you least expect it.
                        FULL REGISTRATION OF EACH PUPPY 

All of our puppies come with complete registration forms for you to register your puppy. All puppies are fully purebred registered and each puppy comes with their own registration form. You also receive documentation on both of the parents of your puppy. This will show you there's NO inbreeding whatsoever.