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5 Star Beagles

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Our Story



   We've been blessed with beagles for more than 28 years of our life. Our oldest Beagle Holly was our house pet and always the "queen of the house". Of course this was before we considered raising purebred beagles. Her love, gentle disposition, temperament and loyal spirit she constantly displayed made the decision an easy one to begin raising this well tempered loving breed. She was always our travel companion when we were going on short trips. She enjoyed the White Mountains in her younger years along with hiking and camping. Holly passed away  November 2007 after 14½ wonderful years with us. Her memories, along with her love, joy, and the enormous happiness she provided us, will  always be etched in our heart and minds forever.


     Our boy, Co-Co and our girl Roxy were our initial sire and dam. Both were AKC registered, and produced some of the best puppies. From there, we began adding additional sires and dams as we began receiving additional requests from individuals requesting us to contact them once puppies were born. Our lineages all are either AKC or ACA certified purebred. From there, everything continued to grow and the love we share today with each individual adoption brings the greatest joy of all. They joy of a smile and a love to last hopefully the next 15+ years.

puppy born. Many individuals began showing more of an interest in the breed and began requesting to be placed on a Call Back List once puppies were born. the desire to adopt one from 5 Stars. we had for our own beagles into a thriving desire and love by others to have one of our precious Beagles! It’s the love they portray; along with their size, color, temperament, and dispositions are what helped launch the business. We had many requests from family and friends who also wanted a Beagle of their own to love. We combined our knowledge of the beagle, with our passion, love, skills, and experiences to launch 5 Star Beagles in 2000! We have since been blessed with some of the most gorgeous looking and RARE types of Beagle puppies available!


     Our past Beagles and their legacy resonate through their own offspring today, showing that special love and desire for this kind and gentle breed. Our puppies have gone all over the United States, and not once have we shipped a puppy. “WE DO NOT SHIP” is something we’re adamant about. We deserve to meet the person/persons or individuals who will be adopting one of our precious beagles.  We’re honored to continue receiving messages, photos, and updates from time to time from those individuals who have adopted their beagle or beagles from us!

     Many customers of ours also are repeat customers who remember Co-Co and Roxy as always being around. They also remember our Roxy’s sister, Jewels. Jewels had such a soft and gentle look about her, along with her gentle disposition. They’re all remembered still today, especially when we receive photos, Christmas Cards, Updates, etc. from our first few customers from the first 5 to 8 years of Co-Co, Roxy and Jewels lives. The desire to have what we have from others; was one of many reasons we launched 5 Star Beagles. We have the ability to share this type of breed, along with the special love they provide us with many other individuals. It’s that desire shown by others was one of just many reason we continue raising this breed. By sharing our journey and love of our Beagles with you, we’ve been blessed to continue to raise purebred beagles so you too can experience the love and joy this special breed offers. There have been others we’ve since we've had to say goodbye to, and it’s never easy, nor should it ever become easy. They too, like the others before them, will fill our hearts and leave their own legacies etched on our hearts forever.

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