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How it Works

Please review the sections for an overview of our puppy selection and homing process. The first person to place their deposit will always have the pick of the litter. Once we receive the first deposit, then all other additional deposits will follow suit. We'll continue accepting deposits until we feel there have been enough deposits placed to comfortably stop accepting them. We will then start a “call back list” of the individuals interested in purchasing a puppy from the upcoming litter. Once the puppies are born, we notify the ones who have deposits placed, then we do our call back list. If you have specific questions, feel free to send us a message.




Reserving a Puppy

     If you're interested and would like to secure one of our Purebred Beagles Puppies, then this is how our process works. Please read through this description first before moving forward to securing a puppy. We require half down when placing a deposit. This is to secure your pick of a puppy from the desired litter on a first-come basis. The first person placing a deposit on a specific litter will always have the pick of the litter of that particular litter being born and so on. The remaining balance is due in cash when your puppy is ready to go to its forever home. CASH will only be accepted as a final payment when the puppy goes home. 


If you are inquiring about a puppy for adoption, deposits will only be accepted if the puppies are not old enough to go to their new homes at that time. The only exception made for placement of deposit is if you're adopting one of our puppies and you are not quite ready to take your puppy home until the weekend, we will hold the puppy to allow time for you to prepare for your puppy to come home. A cash deposit will be required. If you would like more information about our adoption process, please fill the contact form out on the Contact page. I will notify you once I receive the email. Please allow 48 hours for a response back, since I'm not always online.


Once the puppies are born, you'll be notified with photos and a message of the arrival of the puppies. A tentative date will be provided for when your puppy will be ready to go home. When placing your deposit, you'll sign a contract agreeing to the terms and conditions stated within. All puppies are adopted on a first-deposit basis. This guarantees your pick in numerical order as the placements of deposits occur. All terms are according to the contract.


Our puppies come with FULL registration rights. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions before placing your deposit. I'll be more than glad to answer your questions beforehand. As stated earlier, please do your research and educate yourself before placing a deposit for a puppy. Puppies ARE a lifetime commitment so when you're adding a puppy to your home, please make sure you've done your homework. When individuals adopt our puppies, we expect them to keep their puppy with them and/or the family for the duration of the puppy's life. Puppies are LIVE ANIMALS and should be treated as such. They ARE NOT some sort of novelty. Their life expectancy is anywhere from 12 to 16 years, and in some cases, possibly longer. We encourage everyone to please do their research first. Your deposit consists of placing half of the full purchase price down as security and protects you by signing the contract of your place in line for the pick of the litter. We can be reached by email and/or text. If you prefer to email us, then our email address is We also can be reached via text at 480-252-4432.  

Puppy Contracts

We're excited to see your interest in one of our purebred beagle puppies. When requesting a contract to secure an available puppy, please make sure you're ready to commit before moving forward. Contracts are time sensitive and take time to fill out. The same goes when returning the contract back to us. If we ask questions, it's because we put a great deal of time, love, effort, and expense into raising our puppies, and we want to be assured our puppies are being adopted into loving and forever homes. Please return your contract with your deposit to us as soon as possible. All deposits are half the adoption fee for the puppy. Once you receive the contract, please keep in mind to return the contract within the 5-day time frame. If you have any questions, please ask. Please keep mind, It takes time to fill a contract out. It's disappointing when we've taken the time and it's then cancelled upon receipt. Please consider before committing. We're excited to see your interest in our purebred puppies. Ask as many questions first, before committing to move forward. All deposits are on a first-come basis. The first deposit has the pick of the litter. The second deposit has the second pick and so on down the line. We appreciate everyone's understanding.   

Puppy Packs

We have always prided ourselves on offering a deluxe puppy pack. Covid-19 has changed this for us. We have had a very difficult time obtaining our products. Our vendors have been completely out of stock of our products for months now making it very difficult to fulfill our packs. because of this disruption, we are simplifying our puppy packs. We will continue to provide AKC or ACA registration forms to register your puppy. Along with the forms, we will provide a three-generation certificate of pedigree on both parents' lineage. You will still receive a sample of Kirkland's Nature's Domain Puppy Non-grain Chicken-Pea Formula Puppy Food. Included in your pack will be a Puppy booklet on how to care for your new puppy. You will receive a toy suitable for your puppy along with a harness and leash to take home. 

  • Our puppies are almost completely doggy-door trained (providing the weather permits for the puppy to be trained) prior to them going to their new homes. This helps with the puppy training transition. We also introduce them to the sound of a radio playing as soon as they are born, AND continue playing it 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This helps to desensitize them to a variety of noises, sounds, and any other types of loud sounds they may experience or hear. We take the time to answer ALL your puppy questions. Please take some time to read through our guestbook comments and reviews page and see just how satisfied our customers are. We take the time to provide the love, care, time, and effort we put into raising our purebred puppies. We thank you for visiting our website and look forward to hearing from you. Below are several pictures from past litters of puppies showing the different varieties of colors. The colors vary from Litter to litter. There's never a guarantee to the color you may want, however, we’ll try to accommodate your request whenever we can. 


We used to raise several different colors of Beagles however, we have transitioned back to the original Traditional Tri-Color. Their colors are the traditional black, white, and brown; everyone's favorite. Other desirable colors are Lemon/White and Chocolate/White. One of the rarest colors is our Silver/Blue Tri and Blue Tri-Color. We are no longer raising the variety of different colors. Photos are from past litters of our puppies. 

Adoption Fees

Our fees are set for the adoption of both males and females. There is no difference in the adoption fee whether it's a male or a female. Our adoption fee for our puppies is 1,800. The Traditional Tricolor is the most common color. 




Tri Color


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