5 STAR beagles

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          FOR the love of Beagles...

We have great news to announce! 

Our girl, "Lilly" has delivered her puppies. She delivered 6 puppies. All of her puppies are already sold. Please continue checking back with us for upcoming litters as we'll be having several other litters expected. If you are interested in any of our future litters, we'll be glad to assist you with the all of the details. 
Our girl, Dayzee, Ginger and Memphis will be going into heat very soon. We plan on breeding them once they do. Please feel free to contact us for more information on our upcoming litters. We look forward to hearing back from our customers and future inquiries! 

PLEASE NOTE: We reserve the right to select our puppy first for our breeding lines if we choose to do so.

Images of our Silver/Blue Puppies 




We can be reached by email at: info@5StarBeagles.com or you can text or call us at 480-252-4432
We live in the Phoenix Metro area-Mesa, Arizona 

 Our very rare Silver/Blue and Blue Tri Puppies are 1495. 


               prices FOR OUR PUPPIES

The pricing for our purebred puppies are as follows: The Traditional Tri-Color's are 1095 plus 25.00 additional if you elect to have your puppy micro-chipped. The Chocolate/Whites are 1195 plus 25.00 for the microchip. Then, our rare Lemon/Whites are 1295 plus 25.00 for micro-chipping, and our VERY RARE Silver/Blue and Blue Tri Puppies are 1495 and that  INCLUDES the microchip. Our prices are noted unless we are running a special, then the sale price applies. You may contact us by phone call, email or text if you would like to know more about our purebred Beagle Puppies. There is no price difference between our male and female, however we do reserve the right to limit registration on our litters of purebred puppies. 
When asking us to send a contract, PLEASE make sure you're ready to go forward with the process. Contracts take time to fill out, and there's also a time frame for returning it.  It’s disappointing when you cancel the contract after we've taken time to fill the contract out. Please be sure you ask questions in advance if you're not sure of something.

 PLEASE BE ADVISED: If you request us to send a contract to you, we reserve the right to limit the time it takes for you to return the contract with your deposit back. Please return the contract and deposit within 
4 days of receipt from us, or you’ll lose your place in line. 

This reserves the right for others who are ready to place their deposits. Once you receive the contract, we ask you to contact us as soon as you've returned your contract with deposit within the time frame indicated, or again you’ll lose your place in line. The deposits are what secure a puppy, not just the contract. Remember, others are anxiously waiting to secure their puppies also. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

     SECURING one of our Puppies


     All of our Beagles are Purebred. We require half down when placing a deposit to secure your pick of puppy from the desired litter on a first come basis. The first person placing a deposit on a specific litter, will always have pick of the litter of that particular litter being born and so on. The remaining balance is due when your puppy is ready to go to their forever home and will be paid IN CASH ONLY. We'll only accept CASH as final payment. Our prices may fluctuate due to the size, color, type, and rarity of the puppy you're inquiring about. If you are inquiring about a puppy that is ready for adoption and still is available, deposits will not be accepted because the puppies will be old enough to go to their new home at that time. The only exception we would make is if you're purchasing a puppy yet you're not ready yet to take your puppy home until that week-end, then you may place your deposit to secure her/him. Deposits will not be accepted if you are looking at a puppy that already is old enough to be adopted that day and you're able to take your puppy home the very same day. The purchase price for the puppy will be paid the same day. Deposits are only accepted when your selected puppy is not old enough yet to go home. Certain circumstances would be considered for placement of a deposit to hold your puppy when they're already old enough to go home, yet you cannot take your puppy at that time. If interested, or need more information, please fill the contact form out on the page listed: Comments/Contact Page. I will notify you once I receive your email. Once the puppies are born, and if you live out of state, you'll be notified with a tentative date for when your puppy will be ready to go home. If you choose to have your puppy micro-chipped, 25.00 will be added to your deposit amount which is due at the time you sign your contract. All puppies are sold on a first come basis. When placing your deposit, you'll sign a contract agreeing to the terms and conditions stated within. This guarantees your pick in numerical order as the placements of deposits occur. All terms are according to the contract. Our puppies come with full and limited registration rights. We reserve the right to place a Limited Registration on our puppies. Please be aware Limited Registration applies to the VERY RARE SILVER BLUE POCKET BEAGLE PUPPIES. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions prior to placing your deposit. I'll be more than glad to answer any of your questions beforehand. As stated earlier, please do your research and educate yourself before placing a deposit for a puppy. Puppies ARE a lifetime commitment so when YOU'RE adding a puppy to your home, please make sure you've done your homework. When I sell my puppies, I expect you to keep that puppy with you and/or the family for the long haul. These puppies are LIVE ANIMALS and should be treated as such. They ARE NOT some sort of novelty. Their life expectancy is anywhere from 12 to 16 years or possibly longer in some cases, so please I encourage you to do your research first. Your deposit consists of placing half of the full purchase price down as security and protects you by signing the contract of your place in line for pick of the litter. Thank you.



     Each Puppy Expressing Their Personalities 



     I've always told my "Beagle Puppies" to make sure they NEVER leave home without their I.D. This is such an important thing. I'm certified to administer micro-chipping to my clients new puppies as well as past clients puppies/dogs. I'm affiliated with the "AKC Reunite Program" to help with reuniting families with their lost pets and also to help get them back home again. For a minimal fee of 25.00, I'll microchip your puppy and provide you with all the necessary registration forms needed to register your puppy with AKC. The microchip is given to your puppy several days in advance before your puppy goes home so when you finally come to pick your puppy up, your puppy will not be sensitive where the injection site is. I'll scan your puppy when you arrive so you can verify the numbers match. Most importantly as a pet owner you MUST remember to update your information in the database if you move or transfer your puppy to a new owner. If your puppy ever gets lost or stolen, a vet or animal shelter can scan that puppy to verify who the puppy belongs to. They then can contact the person who's information is in the database and inform them that they have your puppy.  



All parents of our litters are either AKC or ACA registered with excellent personalities and temperaments. Our adult dogs along with our puppies are very affectionate as well as being non barkers. Our puppies are beautifully marked and show they have great dispositions and temperaments. I usually have a variety of colors available to choose from. Please go to our “Puppies from Past Litters” Page to view photos from past litters to see the different colors and variations available. g medicine we use is the Panacure, which can only be obtained from a licensed Veterinarian. Also the medication used for parasites is called Albon 5% and this is used to treat for parasites. All puppies are born with minimal parasites and should really be treated for that before going to their new homes. Again, this medicine can only be provided by your veterinarian. This helps the puppy before bringing your puppy home so they do not get ill from not receiving the treatment. Our puppies for the most part are doggy-door trained (providing the weather permits for the puppy to be trained) prior to them going to their new homes. This helps with the puppy training transition. We also introduce them to the sound of a radio playing as soon as they are born which we play 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This helps to desensitize them to a variety of noises, sounds and any other types of noise issues that they may come in contact with or hear. Also you'll receive an extensive Puppy Pack when you purchase your puppy from us, where no other breeder that we're aware of offers such a wonderful complete Puppy Pack that's put together for our customers! We always take the time to answer ALL of your puppy questions. Please take the time to read our guestbook comments page and see just how satisfied many of our customers have been with the love, care, effort and genuine time we've put into raising our little puppies. We thank you for visiting our website and look forward to hearing from you. Below are several pictures from past litters of puppies showing what different varieties of colors could possibly be available within each litter. There's never a guarantee to the color you may want, however we’ll try to accommodate your request whenever we possibly can. 


The first person placing their deposit first, will always have pick of the litter.  Once we receive the first deposit, then all other additional deposits will follow suite. We'll continue accepting deposits until we feel there have been enough deposits placed to comfortably stop accepting them. We will then start a “call back list” of the individuals interested in purchasing a puppy from the upcoming litter. Once the puppies are born, we notify the ones who have deposits placed, then we do our call back list.   





 Every Puppy Purchase Includes a deluxe puppy Pack

You'll receive an extensive puppy pack when you take your puppy home with you. Listed below are samples of the items and things provided to you that comes with the puppy packs. There may be a slight difference of the variety of items from one pack to another, but every puppy pack comes complete with the variety of documents, pamphlets, a sample of the food including a coupon for next purchase, treats, a toy etc. and miscellaneous other items as well for you to enjoy.



  Dew Claws Removed                                         Puppies will be Vet Checked before Pickup

 1st and or 2nd Set of Shots                               AKC or ACA Registration Form to register
                                                                                    your puppy
"Purina Puppy Pack" with a Full Color Page    AKC Papers on both Parents lineage   
     Book on Raising your Puppy

Parents 3 Generation History of Pedigree       Puppies Will be De-Wormed on 3 separate

 Limited Health Guarantee For Genetics              occasions within their first 6 Weeks


Small Rawhide chew toy and Play Toy            Opportunity to bring puppy back for their 
    with puppy treats                                                 additional vaccines at a low cost

nformational Pamphlets to read up on           Optional Puppy "Poop Scoop" Service 
   about your new Puppy                                           Information available





I've had Beagles for the last 2 years of my life. One of my oldest Beagle and most loyal  Friend "Holly" passed away after 14½ wonderful years with me. I truly miss her. Just recently, I had to let go of my beautiful girl, "Roxy", who was the core of the business. She left this beautiful earth on May 1st, 2013.  She went home to join her siblings. She was such an awesome girl and she'll be forever missed! I believe the Lord sends me these puppies and dogs with health issues and challenges to care for as they approach their geriatric years because of the unconditional love I provide back to them. "Roxy" was the one who helped start everything when it came to producing these beautiful little puppies! "Roxy", along with my male, "Co-Co" were the two to begin the breeding business.  Last February, 2012 I lost my Boy, "Buddy". He was also 14½ yrs. Just 3 months after Buddy's passing, his brother "Magic" went home to be with his buddies on May 27, 2012. Not a day goes by that all 4 of them are not in my thoughts and prayers. "Magic" was my longest living Beagle, at 16 Yrs. of age. All 4 of my wonderful dogs are now home with their buddies. At times it is very hard to feel the loss because they brought such great joy into my life. Knowing that they no longer suffer or are in any kind of pain brings joy! There is no pain or sadness. Hurt or gloom. because we will all meet up again at the Rainbow Bridge. Rest in Peace my dear friends. Rest in Peace. I have been breeding AKC and ACA Purebred Beagles successfully for 18 years now. My Puppies go very quickly and are in very high demand. Our Beagles have exceptional dispositions and personalities. That's their main focal point that my customers rave about!! Our puppies have gone all over the United States, however we've NEVER shipped a puppy! I spend a tremendous amount of time with them on a daily basis ensuring them a good quality of bonding and social time. The Parents are always on site to see. Beagles are noted for their true Hound Colors. The most common color being the Tri-Color, however the Red/Whites, Lemon/Whites, and Chocolate/Whites are also AKC approved colors also.The Latter 3 colors listed however, are in high demand due to their uniquely rare colors. Please feel free to call us with any questions you may have. We'll be more than glad to answer any questions. Thank you for visiting our web site. 

Puppies will be puppies....Curious as usual!